A village, mostly inhabited by wheat farmers and their families. It is unusual for two reasons. The first is that a small group of eladrin dwell in an ancient copse of trees not far beyond Tulani’s borders. They are led by Fool Lord.

Once a year, a swarm of strange, ghostly bugs sweeps in from the east, aimed straight at the village’s crops. The bugs are the size of small dogs, and can easily devour their weight in wheat stalks, but when they’re struck with weapons, they disappear into vapour. Aside from the damage to Tulani’s food supply, they’re harmless.

The bugs are the reason for Tulani’s second noteworthy feature – an annual festival. Each year, the eladrin come into the village a week before the fey bugs arrive and ceremonially select a small group to “defend” the crops. It’s more of a festive role than a serious one, but rivalry among the villagers is fierce. Feats of strength and daring are performed, outdoor games are won and lost, and the privilege is usually granted to those who triumph over their fellows in these contests.

When the victors return from “slaying” the fey bugs, a massive feast in their honour, complete with music, dancing, free-flowing ale…and usually their pick of the fairest maidens or dreamiest farmboys.

Tulani’s most popular watering hole is Gapstone’s Panic.


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