Every year, callow villagers compete for the honour of defending Tulani’s food supply from fey bugs.

This year, you have been chosen to defend Tulani. As you strap on your hand-woven costumes and take up your ceremonial weapons, Fool Lord, leader of the eladrin, limps over, leaning heavily on a twisted oaken staff. Despite his name, he is an imposing figure, often used by human parents in threats to their children.

In a lilting, accented voice, Fool Lord instructs you: “They might look dangerous, but these bugs are just echoes from the Feywild. They can’t actually hurt you. My companions and I will keep count of how many you slay, and the person with the most kills will be given the Crown Of The Fields.”

As Fool Lord’s eladrin companions lead you to the eastern edge of the fields, ready to take on the swarm, he calls out, “May Chauntea, The Grain Goddess, guide your hands!”

Fool Lords & Horned Kings